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Tyre Info

What's included in the price?

EVERYTHING! All of our tyre quotes are fully inclusive. We have listed below the extras that some large tyre companies charge for, on top of their original tyre quote: Valve - Balance - Environmental Disposal - Fitting

Why are our tyres so cheap?

We are able to sell our tyres at such a low cost due to our large independent buying power. We are not tied to any one supplier - so we are able to shop around for the best prices & pass the saving onto you, the customer!

Will I have inferior quality tyres?

Answer – No! All of our tyres are EU Approved, UK sourced and certified. A lot of our tyres are from the same manufacturer but with different names ie VW and Skoda. Same car, same quality, different badge, just cheaper.

Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is best checked with the tyres cold (in the morning). Tyres should be inflated to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. Some tyres operate better at slightly different pressures. Please note: there are different tyre pressures, usually an upper and a lower level depending on how many people & how much luggage is carried. Some cars are fitted with integral tyre pressure sensors in the valve assemblies. These items are subject to a high degree of corrosion due to weather conditions and high varying operational temperatures, can become fragile & could break very easily. This is one of the major causes of slow punctures, especially on French vehicles, as are corroding aluminium wheels.

Runflat tyres - Do I have to fit runflat tyres?

Not in all cases! It is possible to fit standard extra load tyres that are much cheaper and can also be repaired when punctured. Although you must fit the tyres in pairs, ie both fronts or both rears, the savings can be substantial. Contact us for further details and possible options.

Wheel balancing

Any feel of vibration should be investigated, as it will cause premature tyre wear, decrease the service life of steering components, damage wheel bearings & cause poor handling. The first & lowest cost initial item to check is wheel balancing, this is carried out free of charge with new tyres. We offer wheel balancing from just £8 per wheel.

Puncture repairs

If you pick up a nail or screw in your tyre we offer a puncture repair service from as little as £13 (for all tyre sizes up to 175 aspect ratio) & £17 (from 185 upwards). The repair we carry out is of the permanent vulcanising type and is available provided that your puncture is relatively central in the tyre tread. We are unable to repair punctures either in the side wall of a tyre or, within an inch of the tyres “shoulder”. All puncture repairs include replacing the standard valve & balancing the wheel. Please allow a little more time for a puncture repair as they take longer than a tyre replacement. You may be able to drive to us with a nail in the tyre, this is because radial tyres have a soft butyl liner that seals around small penetrations to prevent sudden air loss. This minimises the risk of high speed sudden loss of pressure, and it allows a get to safety option. If you remove a screw or nail, the tyre will deflate quickly and you will need a roadside tyre change - not the best place to do the job!

Locking wheel nuts

These are designed to reduce wheel theft & have been the cause of many problems for motorists in the past. Primarily fitted with alloy wheels, their design is such that a “key” is required in order to remove one or more specially designed wheel nuts from each of your cars wheels. When having work carried out on your car, which requires wheel removal, we will request your locking wheel nut is provided. Lost or misplaced your “key”? Don’t panic, we offer a locking wheel nut removal service which is priced from just £15 per wheel. Please note - Locking wheel nut tools are subject to a high degree of corrosion/rust due to weather conditions or lack of use. They can become very fragile & break easily when being removed, so due to these factors, we will not be held responsible for broken locking wheel nut tools. If you are concerned, you are invited to watch our tyre fitter or remove the items yourself.

Spigot / Hub centric rings

These are most commonly fitted in conjunction with aluminium & most after market wheels. What are they? These rings are made to take up the space difference between the cars hub & the wheel centre hole to. The rings are made of either a very hard plastic or aluminium, if you don't have the spigot rings taking the weight of the car, it is highly likely the wheel nuts/bolts will become heavily stressed and break. Remember the wheel nuts are simply there to hold the wheel on, NOT support the weight of the car. Also, as there is nothing to centre the wheel, you'll notice the wheels go in and out of balance, because as the car is driven, the road wheel location will move around on the hub. This is a potentially very dangerous scenario as the wheel could become detached from the car whilst driving!. We will refuse to re-fit a wheel if the spigot ring is missing from the wheel we are working on. Spigot rings available from after market car accessory suppliers & wheel manufacturers.